My entry to the Ludum Dare 43 Jam, made in 72 hours over a weekend (jam entry page)

Help advance science by solving puzzles and conducting exciting experiments! You might have to make a few sacrifices to succeed.

Keypad or wasd to move. R to restart a level if you’re stuck. Pause with P or ESC.

This is my second game jam (my previous game was Pyramidion, which I made for LD42).

There are overall 8 levels in the game.

Important Information

  • The missing cheese on level 4 is not a bug! If you’re stuck, you can watch a playthrough of the game here.
  • Sadly, I am pretty sure the game is not color-blind friendly. I realized this too late. I wanted to upload a post jam version that doesn’t rely on color indications the weekend after the jam, but I caught a flu and couldn’t really get any work done. I will still try to fix it in a post jam version!


I’ve used some music from

Catch me if you can! (Created by poinl)
Bittersweet (Created by Emma_MA)
A Tricky Puzzle Loop (Created by Pant0don)

I’ve used some sound effects from
ratty-squeaks.wav (Created by Reitanna Seishin)
rat-gnawing-a-rusk.wav (Created by zabuhailo)
burning-match-into-water.wav (Created by trngle)
woosh.wav (Created by lebaston100)

All graphical assets were created by me using Procreate / Gimp / Aseprite. The game was created using Unity.

Walkthrough video

Install instructions

Linux and Mac versions were not tested. Please tell me if there are any problems.


Download 23 MB
Download 25 MB
Download 27 MB

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